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Dev Tracker Fly-by (7-13 Oct)

Welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker Fly-by. In a week that included the second Beta Testing Weekend, GDC Online and New York Comic Con, it seems BioWare was a little busy to post much on the forums. Still, we do ...

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The Jedi Code

In the spirit of my second article Sith Happens, I decided some time ago to write one about the Jedi.  However, due to the mountain of information about the Jedi, I feel to do the topic justice I should do ...

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TOROcast – Episode 123 – Derailed

This weeks episode of the TOROcast, the crew is joined once again by Dedmon to discuss the news for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our discussion this week is Georg Zoeller’s post on the Philosophy of the SWTOR classes. Download ...

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YPHM #7 – World PvP

Hi, I’m Taix. I’m an MMO elitist, I take my videogames way too seriously, and in this edition of YPHM I’ll be discussing a topic beloved by all old-school MMOers, world PvP. I’ll be talking about the positives and negatives ...

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Before The Dark Times: Before Racism

Hollywood. The world of celebrities. Pop culture and the media. Iconic artists who become crazy attention-seeking law-breakers. Those who will do anything to become even more famous. We’ve seen a fair share of this lot on TOROcast. And today I’m ...

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