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DBSI SWTOR Makes You Laugh

BioWare has boasted about their narrative chops when marketing Star Wars: The Old Republic—indeed, they’ve spoken of little else by comparison—but one vital component of a good story that we haven’t seen displayed much in the webcomics, timelines, and other ...

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Designing Around Cover

This week in Muscommunication we are going to look at the design implications behind one of BioWare’s class mechanic innovations, the cover system. Only one class per faction has it but I have a strong suspicion that this mechanic will ...

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Friday Update: Fan Friday and Biographies

Continuing right along with BioWare’s failure at providing any type of core game information this week’s Friday update we are presented with more story arc and a Fan Friday.  This week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update includes three new ...

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There was a time when BioWare’s word alone was sufficient to believe that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be a real MMO and not just another RPG but with multi-player—a “single-player MMO.” There was a time when simply saying “we ...

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Mini-games and Why They Matter

This weeks Muscommunication covers a topic that I think is quite near and dear to many of us, mini-games. All genres of games have them but in many ways they are even more important in an MMO, I think you ...

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