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Live Show : TOROcast Open Forum 1

In about an hour and a half, that will be 12:00 our time, we will be getting the live show rolling, we would like to have everyone come out and watch.  If you are interested, visit htp://www.ustream.tv/channel/torocast-live-forum.  We did a ...

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One more until we hit 10!!!

This week Musco and SammMoney, cover some interesting topics, like how some thoughts on how BioWare might market the game, and they go back to the trinity, and micro transactions.  They also do a guild spotlight with a republic guild this ...

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8 Episodes down!!! Tons more to go!!!

Hello everyone and how are we doing this fine, Sunday, afternoon or evening???  Musco and I just finished up our 8th episode!!!  Exciting yes?  This week we talked about the highly debated Holy Trinity System, we covered the latest, tidbit ...

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TOROcast Player

I am assuming this is somewhat of a big update so I am going to turn it in to news.  I have taken the player off the front page, because it was so small.  But do not fret my friends ...

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Episode 7 – DONE AND DONE!!!

With the release of the Trooper class this week Musco and I thought we might have a big show, turns out we were 10 minutes less than normal.  In this weeks episode we covered the Trooper class, how we felt ...

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Threat of Peace Issue #6

Eh, that’s how I’m starting my little blurb.  This issue was alright, I’m not a big fan of this Jedi, he seems like a cry baby.  And it almost makes me want to play a sith more than a Jedi.  ...

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