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Galactic Living Trailer

For those of you who didn’t watch the Dev Stream of Korriban Incursion today, here is the trailer that was hinted at beforehand and during.  Producer Jack Wood narrates this new Galactic Strongholds trailer which previews (again) the Nar Shadaa ...

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Apostrophe, signing out.

I wanted to take a brief opportunity to check in and touch base with anyone that listens to the show, and/or follows the website. As of around 3 weeks ago, I have quit playing SWTOR and doing the TOROCast podcast ...

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Guide: Hard Mode Dread Fortress Operation

Strategy Guide for Hardmode 8-man Dread Fortress (Provided by: Suckafish.enjin.com) Contributions by: Maylstrom (Sorcerer Heals, @MaeBeeBuzz, twitch.tv/maebeebuzz) Steadfast (GM, Carnage Marauder), Roovin (Sniper, twitch.tv/roovinswtor), Sneezie (Sniper), Fuyri (Sin Tank) 1st Boss: Nefra, Who Bars the Way Tanks –Tanks need to ...

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